#1 in the volume of fiber optic cable manufacturing in Russia and CIS, and volume of processing optical fiber in Russia and CIS.

Optical cables, sensitive cables, optical modules, wire covered with aluminium. We are producing widest range of cable design. Any type can be changed, or built from the ground up, according to your special needs.

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Cable for all applications

We design cables based on our Customers’ specific technical requirements.

Our main approach is cooperation in the field of designing optical communication systems:

SELECTING OPTICAL CABLE with the best parameters to suit the technical specifications of the project
calculating the electrical field of overhead lines and line crossings,
determining the best suspension point for ADSS cable
calculating tension and sag of OPGW/ADSS cable
calculating additional stress on the tower from ADSS cable
calculating thermal effect of short circuit currents on OPGW
assessment of the technical solutions chosen for your project,
creating optimization proposals

Continuous development

One of the leading fibre optic cable manufacturers.

More than 60 public fibre optic designs.

Single mode and multimode optical fiber variations of designs.

  • OPGW/Ground Wire
  • Fire-Resistant Optic Cable
  • Sensor Cable
  • Outdoor fibre optic cable:
    -InAir Figure 8
    -InAir ADSS
  • Indoor fibre optic cable:

Single mode fiber types:
-U-type (Corning SMF-28 Ultra)
-N-type (Corning LEAF)
-G.657A1 (ClearCurve XB)
-G.657A2 (ClearCurve LBL)
-G.657B3 (ClearCurve ZBL)

Multi mode fiber types:
– «М» Type (Corning ClearCurve Multimode)
– «G» Type (Corning 62.5/125)

Any features are normally specified according to client’s needs.

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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”. Henry Ford

Quality is in the heart of everything we do. Our quality policy
is implemented through:
— 100% step-by-step quality control;
— best in the industry Test Center;
— high-quality materials;
— quality management system certified according to TЬV
International Certification;
— declarations for all cable types manufactured by Incab;
— reference letters and certificates provided by federal companies and control authorities;
— software to select the right type of fiber optic cable, the right size of the drums, and the optimal arrangement
of drums on trucks and in containers;
— software for aerial cable calculations;
— calculation of power line electromagnetic fields;
— continuous customer feedback.


CAPACITY: 6000 cable kms per month.
PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT BY: Maillefer, Medek&Schorner, Nexans, Photonium, Compotec and other manufacturers.
Our Test Center is equipped according to the latest industry standards to conduct type approval and periodic mechanical and environmental resistance tests per IEC 60794-1-2 (water penetration, temperature cycling, high humidity, vibration, stretching, bending, torsion, crush, compression).
All HFFR cables have the relevant fire safety certificates. Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and TЬV Thьringen.
In order to meet the world’s highest quality standards, we continuously monitor feedback from our customers. For comments and suggestions, please, contact Aleksandr Oparin, International Business Development Manager. Mailto: Aleks@inics.co.uk