Continuous development

One of the leading fibre optic cable manufacturers.

More than 60 public fibre optic designs.

Single mode and multimode optical fiber variations of designs.

  • OPGW/Ground Wire
  • Fire-Resistant Optic Cable
  • Sensor Cable
  • Outdoor fibre optic cable:
    -InAir Figure 8
    -InAir ADSS
  • Indoor fibre optic cable:

Single mode fiber types:
-U-type (Corning SMF-28 Ultra)
-N-type (Corning LEAF)
-G.657A1 (ClearCurve XB)
-G.657A2 (ClearCurve LBL)
-G.657B3 (ClearCurve ZBL)

Multi mode fiber types:
– «М» Type (Corning ClearCurve Multimode)
– «G» Type (Corning 62.5/125)

Any features are normally specified according to client’s needs.

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